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Upper Deck’s Massive Makeover Continues

IMG_0949 IMG_0950 IMG_0951Major upgrades are continuing at the Upper Deck Youth Centre, YFC Lincoln’s youth facility in Vineland.  On the inside, the Many Hands Project is hard at work renovating the xxx- year-old building by tearing down and erecting new walls, applying fresh coats of paint, refurbishing floors and remodeling the kitchen.  The work is being done by the Niagara College students who make up the Many Hands Project

Meanwhile, the roof is being made ready for the solar panels that will be installed soon.  It is currently being reinforced to withstand the added weight.  That project is slated to be completed sometime next month.  The interior renovations are to scheduled to wrap up in time for Reveal Day on April 12, when the centre will show off its new look to the community.


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